Rental Agreement

In order for you to enjoy the paddle trail independently it is necessary to have ability to swim and be healthy and have sufficient fitness.  Young people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and with young children a shorter journey should be planned.  A short safety briefing will be given when we hand over the equipment.

Bouyancy Aids
It is obligatory to wear bouyancy aids for the duration of your time on the water. With the use of Stand up paddle Boards it is obligatory to use a leash.

Equipment & Valuables
We kindly ask that you take good care of the equipment and please note that you are
liable for excess damage to any of the equipment.

If possible, leave any valuables at home.  Please note cameras, glasses and mobile phones don’t float and taking them on the water is at your own risk.  If you take them with you please use a dry bag and note that this is at your own risk and the paddle trail Lake Brienz is not liable.

Rules on the Lake
You are allowed to paddle freely on the lake, but there are some rules to follow:
• Nature Reserves: Paddling in nature reserves and swimming areas (marked with yellow buoys) is forbidden, and you could be liable for a large fine if caught.
• Drinking alcohol is not allowed before or during a paddle tour.
• After Sunset it is necessary to wear a light.
• The Ferries have the absolute right of way and we are obliged to move out of the way and pass behind.  Note: three hoots of the horn mean the ship will travel backwards.
• Fishing Boats (sailing with a white circular marker) may have long fishing lines and we are obliged to leave 50m distance.
• If heading directly towards another craft, stay close together and make a distinctive turn to the right (Starboard)
• Please respect other lake users

Quick drying and comfortable sports clothing is ideal (avoid jeans and cotton T Shirts) Please bring along dry clothes to change into afterwards.  Please be aware that even if you don’t go for a swim, you’re likely to get a bit wet.

On hot sunny days, make sure you have sun protection as the sun is very intense out on the lake. And in cold weather, it is important to take extra layers and waterproof clothing. It is also advisable to take water along with you.

Whilst out on the lake it is important to keep an eye on the weather as conditions can change quickly, and if conditions worsen, keep to the shore and head back towards the rental station area or somewhere where you can get out if necessary and contact the rental station for advice.  In particular take note of the storm warning lights:

Strong wind warning
This warning (flashing light apporximately 40 flashes per minute) warns of approaching winds with gusts of 25-33 knots (around 45-60km/h) without any time indication.  Stay by the lake shore and stay in an area where you can get out.

Storm warning
This fast flashing light (approximately 90 flashes per minute) warns of approaching winds of over 33knots (over 60km/h) without a time indication.  Under this warning and with thunderstorms, all boats must head to nearest land and return to the rental station area.  If in doubt contact the office and get off the water if necessary.

Rental Station numbers
Hightide Kayak School Office +41 (0)79 906 05 51
SUP Fit & Fun +41 (0)79 476 01 79
Strandbad Brienz +41 (0)33 951 05 40
Abegglen Rentals Iseltwald      +41 (0)33 845 11 88

Emergency Numbers
REGA Helicopter Rescue 112 / 1414
Ambulance 112 / 144
Seepolizei/ Lake Police +41 (0)33 356 83 21